‘Phasmophobia’ teases a Halloween event starting tomorrow

This one is going to be in-tents

Kinetic Games has released a tweet teasing an upcoming limited-time event that will take place in Phasmophobia.

Kinetic’s tweet showed a night sky with an isolated tent. The details on the image say “Phasmophobia Nightmare”, which will run from October 25 to November 4. There are no further details on what the event may include, but the image suggests a new map may be coming.

Phasmophobia recently had a significant update that added new ghosts and equipment. It also changed how a lot of the already existing equipment worked and included overhauled textures for items.


The new DOTS projector allows ghost hunters to create an area that can reveal specific ghosts when they move by. The video camera was also updated with a new filter for the viewfinder. The two new ghosts are the Goryo and Myling. The update also merged two of Phasmophobia’s motion detectors into one.

As a result of the massive update, Phasmophobia saw an enormous surge in players. The peak after the update was a player count of 62,448. This is the highest player count the game has had since launching in September 2020. The all-time peak is still 112,717, which was achieved near the games initial launch.

Because of Phasmophobia‘s immense popularity, Kinetic Games had to expand. The team initially included one solo developer who did all of the work bringing the game to release. After release, the team grew to welcome two new developers. One is an artist, and the other is a programmer. The new team members allowed Kinetic to work on future Phasmophobia content and improve already existing content. The results have been seen in the past two updates.

In other news, Fortnite has added two Resident Evil characters to the battle royal as part of a Halloween crossover.

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