‘Phasmophobia’ update adds new ghosts and equipment

Major changes refresh and restore the spooks

Kinetic Games has released an update for Phasmophobia that includes new ghosts, new equipment, and several bug fixes.

Phasmophobia has received new ghosts in the largest update since the game launched in September 2020. The game had one major content update before this, which added a new prison level. The solo developer then hired some new staff, and the effects are proving positive.

The two new ghosts are the Goryo and Myling. The new ghosts have caused some shuffling around of evidence types, so classic ghosts may now have different evidence to look for. To go along with the new ghosts is a new type of evidence. To find this evidence, players can utilise the new DOTS projector.


There are no longer two types of the motion sensor. The function of the infrared variant has been merged into the default motion sensor, so now players will have a light cast whenever something moves past it. Video cameras have also had an update; they now have a flip-out display to view thermal signatures for better ghost detection.

Parabolic microphones have received a new use. They can now allow players to hear footsteps and other ghostly sounds. Now when ghosts hunt, light and equipment are only affected when a ghost is nearby.

Electronic equipment will also give away your position when the ghost is hunting. This means equipment will need to be turned off when players dive into cupboards for safety.

Sprinting in Phasmophobia has also received a major rework. Previously there was no reason to avoid sprinting, so the shift key was permanently held. Now sprint allows for a faster speed for three seconds, with a five-second recharge. Default movement speed is now the same as the previous sprint speed.


Elsewhere, Lost Judgement appears to be getting a demo, according to a leak from the Japanese PlayStation Store.

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