‘Phasmophobia’ update surges player count to highest since launch

They're here...and there's a lot of them

Phasmophobia is currently enjoying even greater popularity than usual, as a major content update has delivered the game its highest concurrent player count since first launching.

On Sunday (August 29), SteamDB shows that Phasmophobia hit a peak concurrent player count of 62,448, which is the highest player count the game has had since launching in September 2020 (thanks, PCGamesN).

While the all-time concurrent player count peak for Phasmophobia remains at 112,717, Sunday’s record sets a new record for the game’s player count later in the lifespan.


Phasmophobia. Credit: Kinetic Games

The high player count is likely driven by the Exposition update, which added a variety of new content last week (August 26). As one of the biggest updates for Phasmophobia, Exposition added two new ghosts – the Goryo and Myling – and extra tools designed to collect new types of evidence.

The update also reworked sprinting and makes electronic equipment give away your position to ghosts, but the patch notes add that “we’ve taken the time to upgrade all of your gear”. Since launching Exposition, Kinetic Games has released an extra hotfix which should fix bugs with equipment and movement.

Phasmophobia is a four player co-op game where players must record evidence of paranormal activity caused by a variety of different ghost types. As well as being hugely popular to play – with 44,547 current players right now (September 1), it’s one of the most played games on Steam – it’s also received plenty of positive reviews. On the Steam page, Phasmophobia has over 250,000 reviews and is marked overwhelmingly positive – we recently labelled the game as one of six must-play horror games.

In other news, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene is leaving Krafton to found a new studio. Founder of the battle royale genre, Greene is leaving to found a new studio in Amsterdam called PlayerUnknown Productions.

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