Official pink and blue PlayStation 5 controllers are available to pre-order

Show off some colour

New and colourful PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers are now available to pre-order, with players able to choose between an extra three colour schemes.

From January 14, it will be possible to purchase Nova Pink and Starlight Blue controllers from many major retailers. Alternatively, the third new colour, Galactic Purple, is available exclusively from the PlayStation Direct site. That colour will be available a little later too, arriving in February.

All three controller choices are priced at £64.99.


Previously, Sony said that matching console covers would also become available for the PlayStation 5. The original plan was that they would also be released in January but that has not happened yet.

Last year, Dbrand, a replacement PlayStation 5 faceplate company, was sued by Sony for providing a “counterfeit version” of its logo.

Shortly after that, Dbrand released a new line of black PlayStation 5 faceplates. It called it a “checkmate” for Sony’s lawyers due to offering an altered design.

Predictably, Sony went on to file a patent for its own range of official faceplates which has led to these new controller options.

Elsewhere, it has been announced that Dying Light 2 will take over 500 hours to complete. Developer, Techland, announced it would take almost as long to complete as walking from Warsaw to Madrid.


Also, a Minecraft mod has completely recreated Doom by adding levels, demons, and guns. The mod alters Minecraft so it shows off a Martian landscape similar to the 2016 game. Staples from the shooter such as gore nests, a trip to hell, and the BFG are all present too.