Players will help shape ‘Halo Infinite’ during this weekend’s technical beta

No PvP this time around however

The upcoming Halo Infinite technical beta, which launches tomorrow (July 29), will let players help shape how the game is developed.

The limited technical beta, which players had to sign up for, will feature several specific gameplay scenarios on which developer 343 Industries will gather feedback. Players will also team up with human players to fight against a number of AI bots in a slayer mode across three maps.

Testers will also play in a firing-range type mode called ‘Weapon Drills’ and test Halo Infinite’s UI. 343 Industries will test the new Halo Waypoint app alongside the technical beta. The allows players to customise their spartan or check their battle pass and challenges progress.


The developer will reveal more about the technical beta in a stream on Twitch and YouTube which will air today (July 28) at 10pm BST. 343 Industries will detail the specifics of the beta and show players who were chosen to take part how they can get in.

Even though the beta doesn’t involve any player vs player modes, 343 Industries has warned players that the bots will not be walkovers, stating: “The Bots still have their quirks, which is why we’re flighting them, but they certainly aren’t pushovers. Be prepared.”

The Halo Infinite technical beta will launch tomorrow (July 29) and last until Sunday (August 31). 343 Industries has not yet revealed any details of the start time for the beta, but it will likely be a global launch rather than having region-specific launches.

To have been considered for the technical beta, players needed to be a Halo Insider. A blog post explaining how to become an insider could be useful for players who want to be involved in further tests down the line.


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