PlayStation 5 supplies likely to be lower in the coming months

As if they weren't hard enough to find already

PlayStation 5 supplies are likely to be even slimmer than before, with Sony reportedly cutting its production plans by around one million consoles.

As reported by Bloomberg and spotted by VGC, Sony has reduced its PlayStation 5 production outlook for the fiscal year ending in March 2022 from 16 million units down to around 15 million.

That’s because of increasing problems sourcing parts and logistical issues, but such explanations won’t help players desperate to get their hands on the console.


PS5 Consoles. Credit: Sony

While the console launched in November 2020, it has continued to be difficult to track down. The console has sold well throughout the year hitting over 9 million sales in June and outselling its main rival – the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Most recently, Sony hired three Boeing 747s to fly PlayStation 5 stock into London Heathrow airport in a bid to tackle supply issues during the run up to Christmas.

The PlayStation 5 is also the fastest-selling Sony console ever despite stock issues making it tricky to track down for many people.

However, there continues to be chip shortages which aren’t helping matters when it comes to any kind of gadget or technological sales. AMD’s Lisa Su explained how she is optimistic things will improve in late 2022 but that’s hardly soon enough for players keen to get their hands on the latest games console. Players are likely to find it harder to get a PlayStation 5 in the coming months.

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