PlayStation 5 update revamps the PS Store wishlist feature

You'll now get notified when your wishlist games are on sale

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new PlayStation 5 update aimed at making the wishlist feature more helpful.

Sharing on Twitter, Sony announced that along with the ability to already wishlist items on the console’s integrated PlayStation Store, the latest update will now offer several new features.

Players will now be able to enable push notifications for Wishlist Updates on the PlayStation app or PlayStation 5 consoles.


In addition, players will also get notified when a game on their wishlist is on sale, so now they won’t have to individually navigate the digital PlayStation Store.

Both Steam and Nintendo Switch eShop have a notification system similar to the one included in the PlayStation 5 update. However, the PlayStation 4 still doesn’t have this option on its digital storefront–so players will still have to use the app or the webstore.

The PS5’s previous update saw a new firmware patch that included the much-requested option to remove the confirmation icon that pops up after taking a screenshot. The update also featured storage expansion support with an M.2 SSD and 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 supplies are likely going to be even slimmer as Sony has reportedly cut its production plans by around one million consoles. New reports show that Sony has reduced its PlayStation 5 production outlook for the fiscal year ending in March 2022 from 16 million units down to around 15 million. The console has been difficult to come by since launching in November 2020, with many retailers having limited stock for a short amount of time.


In other news, Geoff Keighley has revealed that The Game Awards 2021 showcase will feature around 40 to 50 games, saying that the number of new games being announced will be in the “double digits”.