PlayStation Direct store is live in Germany – UK coming soon

The ability to purchase directly from PlayStation will arrive in the UK "soon"

The PlayStation Direct online store is now live in Germany, with other European countries coming soon.

The PlayStation Direct store has been available in the US since 2019 and allows customers to purchase products, including consoles, accessories, and games, directly from Sony.

As reported by Eurogamer, the store is now available in Germany and will be launching across the rest of Europe “soon”. The official PlayStation UK Twitter account tweeted saying that the service will be available in the UK, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Belgium soon.


Products available on the German store include the PlayStation 5, DualSense controller, headset, PS Plus membership, and PlayStation exclusive games. However, the console is currently out of stock. It is unclear whether the console will be easier to purchase when going directly through the PlayStation Direct store.

For those using PlayStation Plus, there are currently six games available for free. In addition to the usual three free games for PS Plus members, three PSVR titles are also available. The VR games are being made free to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the hardware. The games available are The Persistence, The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners, and Until You Fall.

Alongside these, fans can also get Knockout City and First Class Trouble on the PS4. Kingdom Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning will also be available. While the three flat-screen titles will only be available for a month, the VR games will be claimable until January 3 2022.

In PlayStation’s last State of Play event, it was revealed that Bugsnax would be receiving an expansion. Isle Of Bigsnax will add a new biome along with new bugsnax to capture. Players will receive a new shrinking gun to help them deal with the oversized enemies coming in the expansion.


In other news, Forza Horizon 5 includes new accessibility options such as a sign language interpreter and the ability to slow down the game’s speed.