PlayStation Talent reveals 21 new indie titles ahead of E3

21 brand new Indie Games are set to appear on PlayStation

Sony‘s PlayStation Talents program has announced 21 upcoming titles prior to E3.

PlayStation Talents, a program founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain in order to foster the Spanish creative scene, has announced 21 different indie titles ahead of E3.

Below is a trailer from sumptuous and strange-looking Snail-based action game, Clid The Snail.


The titles range from 2D action games like Aeterna Noctis and Operation Highjump, to racing game KEO, and dungeon raider Rivalia.

Last week one of the titles, the first-person horror game Luto, proved fairly popular with its P.T.-inspired visuals and setting.

The puzzle-focused Inner Ashes and horror game Do Not Open also focus on first-person perspectives, with the latter being an exclusive PSVR game.

The rest of the announced roster is made up of A Tale of Paper, a stealth platformer that sees your character transform into various different paper shapes, sci-fi stealth adventure The Library of Babel, and 2D brawler Itadaki Smash.

There’s also the curious-looking puzzle game The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo (trailer below) which combines hand animation real word imagery, puzzle game Twogether, Journey To The West inspired action game Wukong, and a party game based on popular children’s animation Pocoyo.


There’s also mysterious post-apocalyptic adventure Antro, narrative platformer Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey, VR racing game Neon Hat, the seemingly Portal-inspired System of Souls, and finally, 4-player alien-wrangling co-op game Welcome to Empyreum.

As they’re all PlayStation Talents titles, it is likely that these games will all be exclusive to PlayStation for the foreseeable future.

In other news, Bloober Team‘s recent horror game The Medium has been rated by the ESRB ahead of an anticipated PlayStation 5 release.

The Medium initially launched on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store and was made available for Xbox Series consoles digitally, and via its Game Pass service.

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