Playstation’s Jim Ryan to give talk on Sony’s past and future

The talk will take place next month

It has been announced that PlayStation boss Jim Ryan will be headlining GI Live: London, speaking about the past and future of Sony.

The talk will take place on October 7, starting at 5 PM BST. While it will be pre-recorded, it will be available from then on. The talk is set to focus on Sony, and feature an exclusive insight into Ryan’s perspective.

According to hosts, “Ryan joins Valve as one of the major speakers at the event. Valve will host a Q&A with game developers about all things Steam, including best practices and the Steam Deck.” Only ticket holders will be able to participate in the Q&A.


Other speakers include Warner Music, GSD, Sega, Hiro Capital, Twin Suns, and more awaiting announcement.

Ryan usually conducts interviews with media outlets and does not often host talks in this way, so it will be an unusual opportunity for fans of PlayStation and Sony alike. Back in July, he spoke to TMTPOST, saying “users will only remember the best games, and OK games might be forgotten.” For Ryan this comes down to a game being able to “arouse players’ specific emotions, for example, it makes players feel excited, feel the adrenaline rush, or feel happy or sad.”

Ryan has also said that he sees new IPs as instrumental to any Sony success in creating these memorable games. “New IP is the lifeblood of any entertainment industry, but it is very difficult to create a new IP… I am very happy that we can do this in the past few years, but it requires great courage and the courage to bear financial risks. It also requires trust in the studio”

In other news, a YouTuber has uncovered a P.T. Easter egg in Death Stranding Director’s Cut that is only present in the new edition of the game.

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