Point and click ‘The Sundew’ is releasing on Steam and Switch next week

Explore a cyberpunk noir adventure

2054 is a one-woman developer releasing its first game, The Sundew, on October 14 for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The Sundew is a point and click adventure set in a cyberpunk world with noir themes. Players take control of a cybernetically enhanced police officer named Ann Isobe. The game takes place in the aftermath of a devastating war. Cyborgs have become taboo and have been replaced by drones and other automation. Japan has been entirely devastated apart from one mega-city named Shibukawa.

The point and click nature of The Sundew ties into the classics of the genre and is described as The Curse Of Monkey Island meets Bladerunner. The story takes turns leading players to uncover a major conspiracy that will have consequences for the entire planet. Players will have to make decisions that are never binary and choose their fate and that of the world.


The Sundew is set to release on October 14. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The Switch version will cost £10.16 through the Eshop, with no price listed for the Steam version.

A recent Steam post gave a closer look at a group of anti-globalisation activists that will play a crucial part in the game’s narrative. This is The Pillbox. They operate in English speaking countries but will branch out to others if they consider that serious human rights violations need contesting.

In other news, New World has had to extend its maintenance downtime by three hours due to technical difficulties. Servers appear to be coming online now. The downtime was initially scheduled to take four hours, but a series of delays extended that time period. The maintenance also brought in a new patch that changes how inactive players are detected.