‘Pokémon Go’ announces surprise Ed Sheeran crossover

I'm in love with the Pikachu

Pokémon Go has announced that it will host a crossover with Ed Sheeran, though details of what that will entail are vague.

Taking to Twitter yesterday (November 16), musician Ed Sheeran revealed that he will be lending his name to a Pokémon Go crossover in the near future.

While no specifics on the crossover have been revealed just yet, the post mentions that the crossover is “coming soon”.


Sheeran is no stranger to crossovers and cameos. Earlier in the month, the star revealed that he “didn’t expect that much backlash” over appearing in Game Of Thrones. Despite the backlash that did follow, it hasn’t stopped Sheeran from turning up for a brief cameo in the Netflix film Red Notice.

Credit: Dan Martensen

Although fans may have to wait and see what Sheeran’s role in Pokémon Go will be, there are some who are likely still upset with a recent decision by developer Niantic.

After a bug that added a “small number” of unintentional gyms and PokéStops, Niantic removed many of the new locations. This is despite fans spending time and real money to progress in these now-removed location, with one user saying they had “spent a considerable amount of real world money racing to be the first to get gold on all the new gyms in my area”.

Elsewhere in Pokémon Go news, the game recently added Dedenne – an electric and fairy-type pokemon from 2013’s Pokémon X and Y – to celebrate the Festival Of Lights.


In other news, Saints Row has been delayed to August 2022. Originally scheduled for February 25, a statement from Jim Boone – chief creative officer at Volition – has revealed a new release date for the game. Explaining the reasoning behind the delay, Boone added that the studio “underestimated the impact Covid would have on our schedule”.

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