‘Pokémon Go’ upsets players by deleting gyms and PokéStop spots

One player spent "a considerable amount of real world money" to beat one of the now-defunct gyms

Pokémon Go has deleted several gym and PokéStop locations, after a bug that caused lots of new locations to appear.

As reported by EuroGamer, a recent Pokémon Go bug that emerged last week caused a bunch of new gyms and PokéStop to crop up across the world.

Niantic acknowledged the issue on Wednesday (November 10), saying that “an issue caused a small number of PokéStops and gyms to appear on the map that don’t comply with the Pokémon Go wayspot inclusion rules.


Accepting that players had been excited by all the new additions, Niantic said it would “preserve as many of these locations as possible”.

Since that post, a blog from Niantic says that it has “fixed the issue and rebalanced the wayspot ratio in each area correctly”.

This has resulted in many of the mistakenly-added gyms and PokéStops to be removed, which is an issue because players have been spending time and real money to play at them and progress.

One Twitter user accused Niantic of stealing money from customers, while another replied to the studio’s post questioning if it was “possible that you guys want us to hate the game at some point and stop playing?”


Highlighting the issue with players already spending money at the locations, another Twitter user asked the following:

“I have spent a considerable amount of real world money racing to be first to get gold on all the new gyms in my area. Are you considering some kind of compensation for people affected in this way?”

It’s unclear if Niantic plans to refund money spent on now-defunct gyms.

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