‘Pokemon’ celebrates 25th anniversary with £19,500 Pikachu crystal

How do you get Pikachu on a bus? Turn him into a house deposits worth of crystal

The Pokemon Company has teamed up to turn fan-favourite Pikachu into an 11.8 inch crystal collectible.

As part of the Baccarat x Pokemon collection (thanks, VGC) Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara has taken a crack at the world’s most famous electric mouse and given it “imposing dimensions”. Clocking in at £19,500/ $25,000, there are only 25 copies of this statue available, and it weighs 8.3 kg as well.

If you want to spend significantly less cash on a Pokemon collectible, there are some other items in the 25th anniversary collection as well, all of which can be seen in the below embedded video. There’s a much smaller 5.7 inch more traditional looking Pikachu for £340, or a £310 Poké Ball which can be “used as a paperweight or placed alone on a shelf”.


Baccarat itself needs to be contacted directly if any of these items do end up taking your fancy, or you can check the availability of the different stores across Europe and the US.

Mabel released a music video for ‘Take It Home’ back in July, a Jigglypuff-starring music video as a part of the album celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise. The album includes Katy Perry, Post Malone, and many other artists as well.

crystal poke ball
Credit: The Pokemon Company/Baccarat

For a much smaller price, you can look forward to the upcoming remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, called Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, that release on November 19 for Nintendo Switch. There are plenty of improvements, changes, and old favourites coming back to Gen 4.


In other news, Square Enix is all up on NFTs, as the company has announced that previous success has pushed it to go further down the blockchain. This comes as plenty of other gaming publishers and developers are expressing interest in NFT based games.