‘Pokémon Unite’ players can try all Pokémon for free for one more day

Although today is the last day to do so

Pokémon Unite players can try out any of the playable Pokémon in the MOBA for a limited time.

This applies until January 3 at 3:59 PM PT (midnight UK time) according to the official Pokémon Unite Twitter account. We can confirm that the deal is working in the UK, and all that players need to do is select their desired Pokémon when in the lobby selection screen.

With an ever-expanding roster of 29 playable Pokémon, it looks like the move comes as a way to entice players to purchase new characters for their lineup. With Speedster and Supporter the lowest in terms of characters, sitting at four each.


The price of purchasable Pokémon varies in Pokémon Unite, although they can be bought with in-game obtainable Aeos coins or microtransaction Aoes Gems in the free-to-play title.

Recently, Dragonite was added to the game as an All-Rounder Pokémon, alongside some festive outfits. The whole game has received a wintery and festive makeover as well, which covers cosmetics, the battlefield, the music and more. This follows the Halloween-themed event from October of last year.

The game is currently available for free on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.

In other news, the director of Pokémon Sword and Shield wants to keep creating new titles that “gamers desire” going forward.


“Even after 20 years, the Pokémon franchise is still going strong. Ohmori says that even if he thinks that the game is perfect, there are always new ideas after the project is over. He added that Pokémon will continue to change with new technology, new development teams and with new ways of playing games. Ohmori wants to create Pokémongames that gamers desire, and give the feeling that Pokémon exists and lives with us,” says the post of statements from Ohmori.

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