Pokimane says “simp” hate reinforces sexism and misogyny

The streamer was addressing the ban of someone that went through a "simp hunting phase'

Imane “Pokimane” Anys has spoken out against “simp” hate online, and said that it’s a sexist way of looking at the issue that reinforces misogyny.

The Twitch streamer addressed “simp” hate during a ban appeal segment of a stream yesterday (June 26), as Anys was looking at a user who was going through “a simp hunting phase” when banned (via Dexerto).

The banned user was calling others in the stream “simps” – which typically refers to a male who is overly desperate for a female, despite there being no reciprocation – with Anys explaining why “simp” shouldn’t be used as an insult.


“Isn’t it weird young boys are being told ‘simping’ is so terrible? ‘If you’re doting on a women, it’s so terrible.’ But it’s not,” said Anys. The streamer added that “simp” hate is “sexist” and that it “reinforces so much lowkey misogyny.

Pokimane. CREDIT: Youtube

“Throughout my entire career as a female streamer, I have sensed – on numerous occasions – my male counterparts or male friends being afraid to stand up for me because they will be labelled simps,” Pokimane added. “How else can you describe that but some weird internalised misogyny?”

Anys is making the point that anyone can technically “simp” for anyone else, but that online culture has turned the idea of being generous to someone of the opposite sex, or sticking up for them, into something that makes people weak.

Back in 2020 Twitch actually banned the use of the word “simp” in a derogatory or insulting manner, and this includes emotes as well. If the term is used in a harassing manner it can lead to action from the streaming platform.

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