Professional ‘Fortnite’ player’s Mum goes pro and signs with Galaxy Racer

Welcome, Mamabenjyfishy

The mother of one of the world’s best professional Fortnite players has signed a contract with Galaxy Racer to develop her own gaming career.

Anne Fish, who has managed her son, Benjy “Benjyfishy’ Fish since he turned pro in 2018, began playing the game herself in February and quickly amassed a large following online via her Twitch and YouTube channels. Now streaming her games to 430,000 Twitch followers and 165,000 YouTube subscribers, Galaxy Racer has signed her up.

In an interview with the BBC, Fish explained “I never thought in a million years that I would ever be playing Fortnite or streaming online or ever be in a position to be able to be signed by an organisation, so it’s really exciting”.


Before playing Fortnite, Fish hadn’t played a game for about 15 years, having previously played on her eldest son’s Nintendo 64. When she initially tried Fortnite, she found she was “really bad at first. I just sort of camped and hid from other players in case I got killed.”

From there, she started to improve. As she explained, “my reflexes aren’t as good as young players, so I have to be more strategic. I thought it’d be really cool to see if I could get to champions division as a solo, which I did.”

While Fish hasn’t won any cash cups yet, she’s continuing her efforts. Galaxy Racer CEO, Paul Roy, explained the signing by acknowledging Fish’s “years of experience in the industry, including managing Benjyfishy,” and added that she offers a “shared passion for nurturing greater inclusivity within gaming and esports,” that Galaxy Racer is keen to welcome.

Besides managing Benjyfishy and participating herself in the recent Aubameyang Cup, Fish works as an esports mentor, advising players on how to go professional. She is also an advisor at COPE (Coalition of Parents in Esports) where she helps to educate parents about esports and how their children can acquire transferable skills from gaming.

Fish’s son, Benjyfishy is ranked as one of the top 10 players in the world by multiple websites and made it to the Fortnite World Cup in New York in 2019.


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