PS5 shortage to be offset by Sony making more PS4s, says report

It was claimed that PS4s would stop production late last year

Sony will apparently continue producing PS4s this year as ongoing supply chain issues have hampered PS5 production.

It’s said that Sony told assembly partners in late 2021 that it would continue producing PS4 consoles. This comes from a Bloomberg report that talked to “people familiar with the matter.”

The same people said that Sony originally planned to stop making new PS4s at the end of 2021, although this was never publicly announced. The aim is for 1million PS4 units to come in 2022. This would offset PS5 demand as the PS4 uses less powerful parts, is easier to make, and cheaper.


PS4 Slim (left) and PS4 Pro (right). Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

“It is one of the best-selling consoles ever and there is always crossover between generations,” said a Sony spokesperson in the report, confirming that PS4 production will continue in 2022.

The PS4 launched in November 2013, and as of December 2019 it has sold 106million units worldwide. Meanwhile the PS5 has been somewhat struggling due to the pandemic, which has caused shipping and supply chain issues. In October of last year Sony reported that it had sold around 13.4million PS5s worldwide as well, after the console launched in November 2020.

That said, the PS5 is still the company’s fastest selling console of all time after it hit the 10million sales mark a month quicker than the PS4 did.

Bloomberg’s sources also claim that Sony’s increasing production of the PS4 will help with the company getting better deals with manufacturers.


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