Psyonix are planning to upgrade ‘Rocket League’ to run on Unreal Engine 5

Significant technical updates, ahoy

Five years after it was first released, it looks like Psyonix has started to work on upgrading Rocket League to run on Unreal Engine 5.

Currently the vehicle football game uses Unreal Engine 4 but according to a job listing on Psyonix’s website, the developers are looking for a marketing copywriter to assist with future projects “including Rocket League: Sideswipe (a mobile version of the game) and Rocket League’s move to UE5.”

The listing has now been updated to remove the reference to Unreal Engine 5, but posting on Reddit, a member of the Psyonix developer team Psyonix Devin confirmed that “upgrading the technology that powers Rocket League, including a move to UE5, is something we are actively working on.”


However he did go on to add that “this is a long-term project for us, and we’ll share more details when we’re ready to show our players what’s coming next,” so perhaps don’t expect the move to happen immediately .

Running on Unreal Engine 5 will mean Rocket League will become a significantly more powerful game, giving Psyonix the ability to create stadiums with far more detail. It isn’t yet known if this upgrade will come in the form of an entirely new game or an update to the existing one.

Rocket League was given an update earlier this week though (August 18) with PS5 users becoming able to run the game at 120hz as well as being able to play as the iconic duo, Ratchet and Clank.

In other news, it’s been revealed that the BBC used Unreal Engine to safely cover the 2020 Olympics. Using Fortnite‘s game engine alongside green screen technology, the corporation were able to build a virtual studio that could adapt to a range of studios.

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