Queer Games Bundle is back for 2022 with 500 items for £47

Itch.io have returned with over 500 items in their Queer Games Bundle for 2022 after raising over £89,000 in 2021

Itch.io has brought back the Queer Games Bundle with over 500 items, after the success of the company’s 2021 bundle raised over £89,000 to support queer games developers.

The Queer Games Bundle, a bundle of over 500 games, software and zines from over 400 queer artists across itch.io, is back for 2022 after a successful launch last year. For just £47 ($60) the massive list of games and assets is all yours and goes towards supporting more than 400 developers.

If that’s a little out of your price range, the company also offers a sliding scale of ‘Pay What You Can’ starting at just under £8 ($10).


With titles ranging from the emotional death-positive A Mortician’s Tale through to the bizarre and hilarious Electric Love Potato (Two Point OH!) there are genres here for everyone. Even better, the bundle supports queer game developers and the wider queer arts community, as proceeds are split evenly between all makers who opted in to receiving funds. This means that for buyers, this is a very real way to make a difference and help a marginalised community.

At the time of writing only six days in, the bundle has seen over 640 purchases meaning it’s almost 40 per cent toward its goal of beating last year’s total amount contributed. This  means it will likely exceed that goal by some margin, which is an excellent win for the queer game development community and all involved in contributing to this bundle.

The bundle is available throughout the whole of Pride Month, June 1-30, via itch.io and you can see all of the games included before purchasing.

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