‘Rainbow Six Siege’ developers to adjust crouching for being too quiet

It is something the community have been asking for, for years

Ubisoft Montreal is finally taking steps to adjust the volume of crouching in Rainbow Six Siege, after the community has been asking for years. 

Speaking with PCGamesN, game director Aurélie Débant says that prone is staying in Rainbow Six Siege, but there will be some changes. “To be clear, we are not currently thinking about removing prone from Siege. It is part of our core navigation and key part of the gameplay.”

They also said “it adds a layer of complexity and creativity, and we are confident that it gives players more flexibility to destroy gadgets and drones.” Débant and the team are aware of the problems though, as they said “firstly, we replaced dead bodies with a transparent icon this season, which prevents unfair scenarios and replication issues.”


Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege. Credit: Ubisoft

“The second issue is the fact that some skins make operators hard to see. Players exploit these skins to gain an unfair advantage, and we are working on this and will have more to share soon” they add.

Overall the goal is “to reduce as many unfair elements as possible without removing core gameplay elements from the game.”

The issue of lack of noise from crouch-walking has been a problem in Rainbow Six Siege for years, with retired pro player Pengu tweeting about it all the way back in October 2018. He noted then that it has “100 per cent priority over regular walking”.


In other news, Rainbow Six Extraction has been delayed until next year, with Ubisoft saying that the delay should allow for the game to be more in line with what they want to release.

Ubisoft said “our ambition with Rainbow Six Extraction is to deliver a full-fledged AAA experience that changes the way you play and think about cooperative games.”


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