‘Rainbow Six Siege’ unveils new attacker Grim

"The faint buzz is a warning..."

Rainbow Six Siege is receiving a new operator – an attacker called Grim. This character will be released with the upcoming Operation Brutal Swarm expansion, the full details of which will be revealed on August 21.

Judging from his teaser trailer, the Singaporean attacker Grim employs a swam of insectoid drones that appear to disable enemies. Grim’s trailer depicts an insect drone flying toward an individual who’s already been swarmed by other drones in a dark jungle. Grim then approaches the prone individual, saying “The faint buzz is a warning…it may be the last thing you hear, but I’ll be the last thing you see.”

Grim was raised in a survivalist household in Jurong and is employed by private military company Nighthaven.


According to a developer post, Grim employs a Kawan Hive Launcher which will have no reload and a low fire rate and will reveal enemies via red marks. Grim is a 1-Armour and 3-Speed operator, making him best-suited to hit-and-run evasive tactics.

The full details of Operation Brutal Swarm will be announced – as usual – during the conclusion of a major Rainbow Six Siege esports event. In this case, it will unveil on August 21, before the finals of the Six Berlin Major 2022. Originally, a Singaporean map was supposed to be released in Year 7 Season 3 (Y7S3) but that release has been delayed until Year 7 Season 4 so we won’t be seeing its release alongside Grim, but it’s should be arriving in a few months.

More information regarding Grim and Operation Brutal Swarm will be broadcast on Twitch when we’ll find out more about his loadout and equipment.

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