‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Y6S4 update brings Outback rework, new operator and more

Y6S4 brings plenty of changes to 'Rainbow Six Siege' - here are the details

The launch of Y6S4 (Year 6 Season 4) in Rainbow Six Siege is jam-packed with new content, ranging from an extensive Outback rework to a new operator, HUD system and more.

For many, the biggest change in Y6S4 will be Thorn, Rainbow Six Siege‘s newest operator. Packing a proximity-based explosive and a vicious .50 calibre SMG, Thorn excels in fending off attackers at key choke points.

Outside of the new operator, there’s a big rework on the cards for Outback. Long removed from the ranked playlist of Rainbow Six Siege, the rework aims to make it a bit fairer for both sides in each match.


Senior level designer Jeremy Dowsett admits that “people found it [old Outback] hard to navigate” and the team wants the new version of the map to “go into pro-league, to go into ranked”.

To do so, the map has been decluttered and entry points to the map have been revisited. The bomb site in second floor dorms has been moved to second floor piano room. The rest of the full changes to the map are listed below:

  • 1F convenience store, 1F compressor room, 1F gear store, and 1F beer fridge have all been combined into two areas – 1F bike repair and 1F mechanic shop.
  • 2F office supply is larger, though an exterior soft wall makes it a prime entry point for attackers.
  • The 1F restaurant has been moved inside, and now connects 2F mezzanine to 2F piano room. The stairs that were in 2F piano room have been removed.

Moving away from Outback, there are some changes that affect every map. A new HUD system that aims to present information easier is being implemented, including new pings and more options for players to customise their own HUD. There will also be more accessibility options included, some of which involve better support for colourblind modes.

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn
Rainbow Six Siege. Credit: Ubisoft.

Furthermore, all forms of camera – from drones to Valkyrie’s own gadget – will now lose connection when they are sent outside the target building, and Finka will now be able to use Adrenal Surge to revive herself from being downed.


Finally, Ubisoft is adding a new category of skins – “exotic” – that will arrive some time in season 4.

In other news, the PC and console specs for Elden Ring have been announced alongside more information on compatibility.