Rare Super Mario Bros. copy sets world record with £1.4million sale

Super expensive Mario Bros.

A rare copy of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. has sold for over £1.4million, setting a world record for the most expensive video game ever sold.

Before this most recent sale, the world record was held by a copy of Super Mario 64, which sold for £1.1million last month. Before that, an original copy of The Legend Of Zelda held the record at £627,000 despite being listed for £72,000.

As spotted by GamesRadar, the Super Mario Bros. sale was made through a site called Rally that specialises in collectable sales. Rally allows investors to buy shares of an item and receive an equivalent cut of the profit when it is sold. In this case, Rally purchased the copy of Super Mario Bros. for £100,000.


The specific copy of Super Mario Bros. is a limited run that is still factory sealed. The main reason for purchasing the cartridge is an expectation that its price will only increase with time and could lead to an even greater profit down the road.

An offer of £210,000 was rejected by investors who sensibly held out for a better value deal. The New York Times interviewed one of the investors with a stake in the cartridge, 32-year-old Ed Converse. He initially invested £72 in the game and appeared to have made £684 from the sale. “In my opinion, it hasn’t reached the masses,” Converse said. “You’ll start to see a lot more people paying attention and doing research.”

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