Raw Fury and WhiteThorn Games publicly share publishing agreements

“We believe having publisher contracts out in the open helps level the playing field,” said Raw Fury

Video game publishers Raw Fury, and WhiteThorn Games have publicly released their publishing agreements.

Raw Fury got the ball rolling last week when it released its publishing agreement online, alongside other assets such as templates for financial projections and pitch decks. “We believe having publisher contracts out in the open helps level the playing field, and allows devs to have a more intimate understanding of the machinations of different deals when they start looking for partnerships,” said the publisher.

The publisher’s statement also revealed that it hopes the company’s transparency will “help combat shady practices where predatory people and companies fleece devs by virtue of this knowledge being so scarce, trapping developers in bad deals through the obscurity of legal jargon”.


Raw Fury also announced that it will strive to make the company more inclusive, and will give USD$5,000 to any developer who is in talks with the studio to cover legal expenses, which includes “hiring a lawyer of their choosing to go through the contract, no strings attached”.

Raw Fury also urged other publishers to share their agreements and “increase the transparency” within the industry, adding that such contracts “shouldn’t be treated as a business secret”.

After Raw Fury’s public release, WhiteThorn Games announced that it would follow suit, and has also released a template of its publishing agreement on Twitter.

The template will be adjusted to suit a potential hire’s agreements with the company, although the majority of the contract should go unchanged. Check out WhiteThorn Games’ template here.

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