‘Ready Or Not’ update will let enemies hide under beds

Developer Void Interactive says 'Ready Or Not' is about to receive its "largest content update yet"

The next Ready Or Not update will add several new weapons and allow enemies to hide under beds, however developer Void Interactive has shared that it may be delayed.

Today (April 25), Void Interactive has outlined what fans can expect from the shooter’s next update.

As shared on Twitter, Ready Or Not‘s next patch will be the game’s “largest content update yet,” however its ambitious size has led to a delay – meaning it’s expected to release in mid-May.


As to what will be included, the update will add the ability for suspects to hide in closets and under beds. They will also be more likely to take cover during firefights with players, rather than stand out in the open to take fire.

Beyond changes to suspect behaviour, there are also new weapons for players to equip. This includes the B1303 shotgun, as well as several new submachine guns – the MP9, MP5A3, and MP5/10MM.

Ready or Not
Ready Or Not. Credit: Void Interactive

Along with these extra guns, players will also be able to equip different types of ammo before starting a raid. This means that guns can be kitted out to be more (or less) lethal based on how much resistance players are expecting to face.

The upcoming Ready Or Not update will also bring a new level called Ridgeline, as well as changes for two existing maps – Valley and Club.

Finally, fans will be happy to hear that Ready Or Not‘s long-awaited voiceover overhaul will be included with the next patch, and will include “a massive amount of new voice acting for existing and new characters.”


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