‘Rebel Galaxy’ is free for one week on Epic Games Store

Grab ‘Rebel Galaxy’ for free while you can

Rebel Galaxy, the swashbuckling space sim from Double Damage Games, is free for one week on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games is giving away yet another great game for free – this time, making sci-fi sim Rebel Galaxy available free to download from today, August 12.

Make sure you grab your free download of Rebel Galaxy while you still can.


Although Epic Games usually offers two free games each week, it’s down to just one title this time around – the 2015 western-inspired space trading and combat sim.

“Rebel Galaxy is a game of action-packed combat, exploration, discovery, trade, and negotiation with the outlandish denizens at the edge of the known universe,” says the game’s description.

“You’ll battle pirates, explore anomalies, befriend aliens, scavenge battle wreckage, mine asteroids, and discover artifacts. Choose your path as a roguish do-gooder, crafty space-trader or power-hungry privateer in this swashbuckling space adventure.”

Originally released on PC in 2015, Rebel Galaxy later came to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a year later in 2016.

Created by the five-person team at Double Damage Games, the game’s developers include Eric Schaefer and Travis Baldree who also worked on the RPG classics Diablo and Diablo II.


And if you enjoy what Rebel Galaxy has to offer, you can dive back into the cockpit with its sequel, Rebel Galaxy Outlaws which is also available right now on the Epic Games Store.

Rebel Galaxy is available for free between August 12 and August 19 but will then return to its usual price of £14.99.

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