‘Red Dead Online’ Halloween event adds zombies and ghost trains

Some sort of... Undead Nightmare?

Red Dead Online has launched Halloween Week, which includes a series of spooky game modes and rewards for players to enjoy.

Announced yesterday (October 26), Rockstar has posted a blog revealing how Red Dead Online players will be able to celebrate the build up to Halloween (thanks, PCGamesN).

With the seasonal All Hallows’ Call To Arms game modes, players can defend four locations – Armadillo, Butcher Creek, Shady Belle, and Bolger Glade – from “strange and unsettling adversaries”. These range from bloodthirsty wild animals to a “supernatural ghost train” that’s terrorising Armadillo.


Dead Of Night is this week’s featured series, a spooky twist on Team Death Match where four teams must compete for kills – all while surviving a “never-ending tide of The Dead”.

Managing to complete a Dead Of Night mode will provide a reward or free ability card that can be chosen by the player.

Red Dead
Red Dead Online. Credit: Rockstar Games

Both game modes will include a spooky Night Stalker mask that will allow any player who picks it up to “access supernatural powers and strengths beyond the limits of mere humanity”.

Outside of the seasonal game modes, players can visit Madam Nazar to choose from six scary masks available for Halloween. As an added bonus, anyone who logs in will get ten Snowberger Candies and five Chocolate Bars dropped into their inventory.

The Halloween Pass 2 is also available to pick up, which includes 15 ranks to progress through. Rewards include more Halloween-themed masks, clothing and accessories.


Finally, the discounts available this week are all about letting players “dress up and play around” with their appearance – role outfits, gun belts and barbers all have hefty discounts available on their usual prices.

In other news, one Valheim player has rebuilt three iconic locations from The Simpsons within the Viking survival game.

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