‘Resident Evil 4 Remake’ enters ”full production”, estimated for 2022 release

Resident Evil 8 is still on schedule for a 2021 release as well

Resident Evil 4 will reportedly be the next game to be revamped as part of the series’ recent string of remakes.

The game has entered “full production” and is being targeted for a 2020 release, according to a report from Video Game Chronicles. The news comes days after Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 Remake was released, on April 3. According to the report, Resident Evil 4’s original game director Shinji Mikami will provide informal advice on the remake after officially declining to lead the project.

The remake is being developed by the Osaka-based M-Two, which has been preparing for the project since 2018. Capcom’s internal teams and its external studios are likely to provide support for the game’s development, much like on the recent Resident Evil 3 Remake.


An official launch date for the Resident Evil 4 remake, as well as its supporting consoles have not been announced, but Video Game Chronicles reports that it is being planned for a 2022 release.

Originally released in 2005, Resident Evil 4 is currently Capcom’s highest-rated game of all time, according to Metacritic. In the 15 years since, Resident Evil 4 has been ported and remastered multiple times, although this is the first time it will be remade entirely. A HD remaster was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2011, and once again for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

In our review of Resident Evil 3 Remake, we called it a “disappointingly safe reimagining of a beloved classic, one that feels rushed – as if it could’ve done with a lot more variety and attention”.

In other news, Resident Evil 8 is still being developed and is currently on schedule for a 2021 release, and will continue with the first-person perspective seen in Resident Evil 7.