‘Returnal’ Steam updates suggest Housemarque’s shooter is coming to PC

Hosemarque's sci-fi shooter is currently PlayStation exclusive, but that may change

An unnamed Steam page thought to be Returnal has been updated frequently in the last few days, suggesting Housemarque‘s sci-fi roguelike is coming to PC.

Back in May, a mystery Steam page appeared on SteamDB. Although it was titled Oregon, several references to areas from Returnal – including the Tower Of Sisyphus and Atropos – appeared to give away the game’s real identity.

Recently, the page has received significantly more updates (via PCGamesN). One change made today (July 13) includes references to the players’ ship in Returnal, Helios, and a feature that lets players see how long their current run has gone on for.


On July 7, the SteamDB page also added language localisation for its achievements. Although none of the achievements were named, the fact that they have been localised for 19 separate languages does suggest Oregon is the product of a larger studio.

Returnal. Credit: Housemarque

There are also tags that reference the Oregon being a “rogue-like”, “sci-fi” and “bullet hell” title – all genres that Returnal falls into.

Although it looks likely that Returnal will come to PC, Housemarque is yet to comment on the rumoured port. However, it’s possible that the studio is following in the footsteps of Sony, who acquired Housemarque in June 2021.

In recent years, Sony has been eager to bring more of its PlayStation-exclusive games to PC: in June alone, the company announced PC ports for The Last Of Us Part 1 and Marvel’s Spider-Man. If Returnal was to re-launch on PC, it would join several of Sony’s AAA titles already on the platform, including Horizon Zero Dawn and 2018’s God Of War.

In other gaming news, a closed beta test for Marauders is set to take place on PC next week, which will introduce two new raid locations.

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