Riot Games announce new album from ‘League Of Legends’ band Pentakill

Featuring the only literal "heavy metal" guitarist in the world

Riot Games has announced a release date for a new album from Pentakill, a virtual band made up of characters from League Of Legends.

With the tagline “Legends have returned”, Riot Games has shared that an all-new Pentakill album called Lost Chapter will be released on September 8, 2021. As this releases close to the League Of Legends World Championship, it’s likely that Riot Games will once again tie a musical act into the in-person ceremonies.

Although K/DA and True Damage have both been in the spotlight for the last few years as Riot’s biggest musical acts, heavy metal band Pentakill predates both, with their first album releasing in 2014.


Their last album, Grasp Of The Undying, released back in 2017, with fans of the metal band waiting for more news since then. Riot Games previously teased another Pentakill album during their tenth anniversary stream in 2019, though has been relatively quiet about the music until now.

Like K/DA and True Damage, Pentakill is made up of characters with band-themed skins within League Of Legends. The current lineup for Pentakill includes Karthus, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona and Yorick; however Riot has previously added new members to existing musical projects without a problem. Fitting with the heavier theme of the music, the name Pentakill refers to the term used when one player in League Of Legends kills all five members of the enemy team.

It’s likely that the album will release with a new line of skins, however Riot has not yet confirmed whether all existing Pentakill members will be included or whether the lineup may change.

In a recent interview with NME, LEC play-by-play caster Drakos talked to us about how music “has always felt pretty natural in the League Of Legends space“, which is why the broadcast team has recently created a host of viral music videos.


In other news, Skyrim Anniversary Edition will launch just three days after Lost Chapter, and will include multiple free updates to Skyrim Special Edition Owners.

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