Riot Games is offering $100,000 to hackers that can expose Valorant’s anti-cheat system

Valorant’s anti-cheat, Vanguard, runs even when the game isn’t being played

Riot Games, the developer of Valorant, has issued a challenge to hackers that can “demonstrate practical exploits” in the game’s new anti-cheating system, Vanguard. The challenge was issued on HackerOne, a site where companies offer incentives to hackers for exposing security issues in their software.

Anyone who successfully does so, with high-quality reports, will get a bounty of up to USD $100,000. Riot said on HackerOne: “Alongside our new game Valorant, we have deployed our new anti-cheat solution Vanguard that leverages a kernel driver to combat cheaters more effectively. To reinforce our commitment to our players’ security, we are offering special bounties for up to $100,000 for high-quality reports that demonstrate practical exploits leveraging the Vanguard kernel driver.”

The main reason for the challenge being issued is to combat players’ security concerns. When the closed beta of Valorant launched earlier this month, players noticed that the Vanguard system is more invasive than other anti-cheat solutions. Vanguard comes attached with any Valorant download, and is automatically installed, and will run with high privileges, even when the game isn’t being played. Riot explained its decision to implement the system in a blogpost.


The post reads: “If you think you’ve found a flaw in Vanguard that would undermine the security and privacy of players, please submit a report right away and you may be eligible for a big bounty payout. Visit our HackerOne page for more details.”

In other Riot Games news, the company has recently announced a new game development studio in Singapore. The studio, which is set to officially open later in the year, has already begun hiring. The Singapore studio will focus primarily on developing upcoming games as well as supporting the company’s existing titles.