‘Rivals Of Aether’ sequel goes for 3D graphics and a 2024 release date

Despite the April 1 announcement, this is not a joke

A sequel to the Super Smash Bros.-type fighter Rivals Of Aether has been announced, and it is targeting a release date in the next couple of years.

Simply referred to as Rivals 2, the sequel was announced on April 1 (although it wasn’t a joke) and is set for a 2024 release date. Instead, the game will forgo the original pixel art style for 3D characters and background visuals.

According to developer Aether Studios, the goal “is to create our dream fighting game by taking our successes from Rivals Of Aether and expanding on the formula in all the right ways” for the sequel.


According to the Rivals 2 FAQ page, closed Beta testing is planned for 2023, with players able to sign up for the newsletter on the website and be notified when it’s time to sign up. Rivals 2 will also introduce shields, grabs and ledges to the game.

At present, the exact platforms the game will launch on are unknown. The team will also be adding an improved single-player mode to Rivals 2, as the FAQ says:

“We have single player designs that would offer new experiences for the fighting game genre as a whole. While competitive play will take a priority for us during the game’s development, we are laying the foundation to create some amazing single-player experiences that will help convert newcomers into hardcore competitors.”

Those interested in learning more about Rivals 2 can watch the on-demand version of a Q&A Twitch stream from Aether Studios CEO Dan Fornace and the studio’s lead programmer Trevor Youngblood.


In other gaming news, the producer of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has talked about the game’s enduring popularity and incredibly high sales numbers. “It’s easy to pick up and play with a nearby sibling or friend. Five years after the game’s release, that appeal hasn’t faded,” said Kosuke Yabuki.

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