Rockstar finally – and silently – kills off open-world spy game ‘Agent’

Time to die

Although not a surprise, it appears that Rockstar Games has officially killed off its long-abandoned spy game Agent.

As reported in Polygon, the publisher quietly removed the title from its official website, where it had only publicly existed as a logo since it was first officially announced in 2009 at Sony‘s E3 conference as a PS3-exclusive.

The removal of the title is about as close to an official statement from Rockstar that Agent is cancelled, though it should have been evident from another report in 2018 that the trademark had also been abandoned.


As for what might have been, Agent was meant to be an open-world spy game taking place in a 1970s Cold War setting, which would “take players into the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations” though a mixture of stealth and action gameplay.

Despite initially hinting of a 2010 release, the game never materialised during the PS3’s era, and while some assumed development would move onto PS4, an announcement was not forthcoming, although Rockstar would continue renewing the trademark for Agent in 2013 and 2017.

While its removal from Rockstar’s website should put any rumours or wishful thinking to bed, a spy game would be fitting with the recent release of new James Bond film No Time To Die.

Hitman creator IO Interactive is also in the middle of developing its very own Project 007 title, which is reportedly an original story where players can create their very own 007, while the developer has hinted that it could become a trilogy of games.


Elsewhere, dataminers have discovered more references to the unannounced Grand Theft Auto trilogy remasters in a Rockstar Launcher update, which also suggests the games have been remade in Unreal Engine.