‘Rust’ developer says major gunplay update “will be controversial”

Developer Facepunch says this is the biggest gunplay update since 'Rust' launched, but admits the changes "will be controversial"

Rust developer Facepunch has launched the game’s biggest gunplay update to date, though has admitted the changes may be “controversial”.

In Rust‘s latest patch, a major gunplay update has ironed out the survival game’s pattern-based recoil system. The old system meant that bullet spread was dictated by a preset pattern every time a gun was fired – meaning players who played Rust for awhile were able to learn each weapon’s recoil pattern, while newer players had no way of knowing how the guns worked.

“Ultimately, being good at first person shooters and having the drop on someone wasn’t good enough. If the other person had thousands of hours of training their aim you stood very little chance,” explained Facepunch in a blog.


Instead of that pattern-based system, Facepunch has said that firing in Rust will now use “a gradient based aim drift and inaccuracy for automatic weapons”, and has explained how that will affect firing weapons.

“The longer you hold down the trigger, the more inaccurate the weapon becomes. It still takes skill to try and keep it centered on the target, but it is not the same with each burst. We’ve also updated aimcone (inaccuracy of bullets relative to where you are aiming )to use a weighted system, so that roughly 20 per cent of the shots will land in the centre,” added the studio.

Rust arctic monument
Rust. Credit: Facepunch Studios.

This is a huge update for fans who have played Rust for awhile, as it fundamentally changes the way that guns will work in action. Due to this, Facepunch has shared that “while these changes will be controversial, we believe these changes are necessary for the health of the game.”

Beyond that sweeping change, Rust players will now notice that the game now has a crosshair, hit markers, and directional damage markers to indicate where you’re being hit from.

The update also brings some new content including the Handmade LMG, an Extended Magazine attachment for most guns, a Mixing Table to craft ammo, and much more – you can see the full update details here.


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