‘Rust’ February update will feature a framerate performance fix

The framerate fix will arrive alongside new arctic-themed content.

Facepunch Studios has confirmed that the February update for the survival game Rust will feature a performance fix.

Rust’s latest update, dubbed the “arctic” update due to its addition of snow, is set to launch today (February 3). Although the patch notes have yet to be released for players to comb through, the developer has revealed that it will include a framerate fix that will apparently make significant adjustments to the game’s performance.

According to PCGamesN, Facepunch addressed the framerate issues in a press release, saying, “After doing a bunch of profiling we noticed that there were some significant stalls on the render thread and our tree impostor system was most likely the cause of the issue, even though the population had only been tweaked very slightly recently.”


The developer also said that when the fix goes live, “frame rates should be a lot more consistent again (as long as what’s being rendered is consistent) and should overall be slightly higher in general, particularly in areas with a lot of bushes and trees like Bandit Camp.”

Ahead of the release, images have also been shared online featuring a new Arctic Research Station, hazmat suits, as well as polar bears to fit the patch’s winter theme.

Players can expect the Rust patch to be released today at 7 PM GMT / 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST.

Elsewhere, Facepunch recently reflected on its most significant moments in Rust over the last year, confirming that its Voice Props DLC Pack was the game’s “best selling DLC to date.” The game has also sold almost 12.5million copies in its eight years since launch, with a peak of 267,211 players on the game at once.

In the meantime, Nintendo has reportedly hinted at making its next console backwards compatible with the Nintendo Switch.