Samsung’s 2022 TV range will offer built-in game streaming – but also NFTs

Google Stadia, Utomik, and GeForce Now are already onboard

Samsung’s range of Smart TVs for 2022 will feature integrated cloud gaming services, the manufacturer has revealed.

The Korean tech giant has unveiled a whole new range of televisions as part of CES 2022 (as spotted by VGC), incorporating new display technologies such as Micro LED screens, an “evolution” of Samsung’s QLED panels, and updates to its “Lifestyle” TVs such as The Frame, which are designed to more seamlessly integrate into walls and living spaces.

For gamers though, it’s the addition of the brand new Gaming Hub to Samsung’s Smart TV software that will attract the most attention. Samsung says that the Gaming Hub “will empower players to discover and jump into the games they love faster through game streaming services.”


Samsung has already struck partnerships with Google Stadia, Utomik, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and says “that’s just the beginning”. Players will be able to pair a wireless controller directly with their TVs and “have access to an extensive library of games”.

It’s likely that players will still need a subscription to the respective services, or buy games individually through them, in order to make use of them though. The inclusion of game streaming apps natively on Smart TVs is essentially no different to having a Disney+ or Netflix app built-in.

Unfortunately, Samsung is also buying into NFT hype, with plans to include an “NFT Platform” on its 2022 sets. So far, no details have been provided beyond the description that “This application features an intuitive, integrated platform for discovering, purchasing and trading digital artwork through MICRO LED, Neo QLED and The Frame.”

No details on prices or release dates for the new range of screens has yet been provided by Samsung – expect more at its CES showcase at 2:30 AM GMT on January 5 – but don’t expect its top-end Micro LED sets to be accessible to the average consumer just yet. The advanced displays will launch in three gargantuan sizes – 89” (226cm), 101” (256.5cm), and 110” (279cm) – so expect price tags to match.

In other news, a fan-lead petition asking for a remaster of Mortal Kombat Trilogy has gained traction, with over 20,000 signatures in support of the concept, while The Witcher 3 has enjoyed a huge surge in players following the premiere of the second season of the TV adaptation on Netflix.

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