‘Satisfactory’ meets ‘Starship Troopers’ in upcoming game ‘Hostile Mars’

A free demo will be available next week - will you do your part?

Hostile Mars, a factory-building game with a combat twist, is getting a free demo for fans to try out during Steam Next Fest.

Set to launch in early access later this year, developer Big Rook Games will let players try out Hostile Mars with a demo available from October 2 to October 10.

Part factory builder and part tower defence game, Hostile Mars tasks players with building a base that can withstand increasingly dangerous waves of enemies.


As teased on the game’s Steam page, the game will let players “create efficient supply chains, salvage destroyed enemies, and upgrade structures to support your gigantic cannons that defend your base against thousands of enemies.”

Keeping your base intact will involve constructing supply chains to stay well-stocked with crafting materials for turrets and traps, as well as exploring Hostile Mars‘ open world to progress through a tech tree and unlock new weapons and buildings.

For more information on what Hostile Mars is about, you can check out Big Rook Games’ handy explainer below.

“This demo is the first time we are revealing any parts of the story to the audience,” said Big Rook Games founder Jake Jameson, who added that it will also include “some interesting new weapons and traps” to use.

A prologue for Hostile Mars is also available to try out for free, and it’s not attached to Steam Next Fest – meaning interested players can download it and play whenever they like. You can download it here.


As described by Valve, Steam Next Fest will be “a multi-day celebration of upcoming games” that will include “hundreds of game demos” to check out, Hostile Mars being one of them.

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