‘Sea Of Thieves’ launches time-limited Aventures tales with Shrouded Islands

The monthly Adventures aim to expand the game's storyline

Sea Of Thieves players will now be able to participate in time-limited events aimed at providing more story in the game.

Starting this week, players can join in on Adventures. These Adventures are a chapter within the broader story of Sea Of Thieves. Rare plans on releasing one roughly every month, with each story running for two weeks. At the end of each season, a final Adventure will run for three weeks. How it concludes will then affect the lore of the game and the game world itself.

Rare has also stated that how the adventures play out will, to some extent, be influenced by “the combined efforts and choices of the community”. A YouTube video below shows a little of what to expect.


The game has been leading up to this moment for a while. Events surrounding the Sea Of The Damned – the place where pirates go to die – has interfered with the Sea Of Thieves. Now, ghosts and ghost ships have entered the realm of the living and the story is turning distinctly ghostly.

If that sounds confusing for new or casual players, each new Adventure will start with a cinematic trailer that sets up the events of the story. A trailer for the first Adventure called Shrouded Islands set things up nicely. Shrouded Islands will run from today (February 17) until March 3.

Last month, Rare released its roadmap for the coming year for Sea Of Thieves content. During a video preview event, Rare announced that Sea Forts and Mysteries would also form part of the lineup, alongside Adventures. Sea Forts are six new locations that will be added to the map so as to add variety. They offer solo players opportunities to complete roads connected to the main storyline.

Mysteries will also bolster storytelling with side quests and ARG elements. Previously, Rare said that 2022 would be its “biggest year yet” when it comes to new content.


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