‘Sea of Thieves” Legend of the Veil is a three part randomised adventure

Players can dive into the new quest later this month

Sea of Thieves will see the addition of a new quest called Legend of the Veil, which brings in randomised story elements.

First mentioned in Sea of Thieves’ roadmap from January, Legend of the Veil is a new three chapter long quest that will be available from April 21, and has now been detailed in both a blog post and a new video. The quest will be available for pirate legends, though in the deep dive where the quest is detailed, Rare staff did note that anyone can take part in the quest as long as a pirate legend is leading the voyage.

In the new Sea of Thieves quest, players will be assisting the Pirate Lord, where you will have to gather special veil stones to further the plot.


Legend of the Veil’s first two chapters are designed to be randomised, with some quests more puzzle oriented, and others featuring more combat. Rare has specifically tried to up the challenge for the more season pirate legend Sea of Thieves players, introducing zoom maps. These function similarly to regular maps, with your classic x-marks-the-spot treasure hunting, though the map is zoomed in, meaning players will have to spend more time actually figuring out which island the treasure is on.

The first two chapters of the new Sea of Thieves quest might also have events where players will have to explore an underwater shipwreck graveyard, trying to make their way through multiple vessels and uncover the secrets within. There might also be haunted islands, where you will get to fight with the ancients, a group of people that existed long ago in the game’s universe.

However, the third chapter of the quest will always be the same. Players will encounter a huge tornado with a number of phantom ghost ships surrounding it. To tackle the final chapter, players will have to take down various emplacements, which will cause the tornado to subside – revealing an even bigger emplacement to take down.

There are of course new pirate legend unlocks to be found with this new Sea of Thieves quest, like the Veil of the Ancients ship set, weapons, and costume set.


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