‘Sea Of Thieves’ Season Five is available now

You can even sit down now

The latest update to Sea Of Thieves has been released and is available for download immediately.

Announced earlier this week (November 30), Sea Of Thieves has now received a huge content update for the games fifth season available from today (December 2). In the trailer for the new update Rare shows off all-new downloadable content based on Pirates Of The Caribbean, festive emotes, and burying treasure.


Alongside the one hundred levels of reward now available, the update brings a number of quality of life changes. Players will now see rats scurrying from below deck if there is danger beneath them, and they can also sleep to regain health.

More enemies drop ammo so players do not have a large inventory when out plundering. Also helping with inventory issues the new update will make it easier to transfer items found into your storage. Now players can group the items together instead of doing so individually.

Players who complete all the commendations will unlock a party themed ship set complete with costumes and weapons for the festive season. Players who want to splurge on even more content can purchase the Plunder Pass which includes an Aurora Borealis themed ship set.

Season Five is available on all systems that support Sea Of Thieves, and players can download it today on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

In other news, remastered games based on the fourth generation of Pokémon, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, have a huge update which fixes a number of glitches that were popular with players. Players will no longer be able to dupe items or Pokémon,  create shinies, walk out of bounds, catch Shaymin, or walk up the slopes in the ice gym puzzle.