‘Sea Of Thieves’ update adds new bosses and flamethrowers

Four Ashen Lords will test players skill and offer valuable rewards

Rare has released a new update for Sea Of Thieves titled Ashen Winds, which includes new bosses, flamethrowers, pets and more.

Ashen Winds adds four new cursed skeleton captains known as the Ashen Lords. Taking on these powerful enemies will require dodging an array of attacks such as knockbacks, breathing fire and hurling flaming balls. The final stage of the encounter will add a devastating attack known as ‘Roar Of The Devil’ that players must avoid.

Once defeated, players will be rewarded with a shower of treasures, including the Ashen Winds Skull. This item can be sold for a marge amount of gold and reputation, or used as a flamethrower against other players, enemies and ships. Over time the Ashen Jewel inside will slowly dim as its power drains and a depleted skull will reap less rewards when sold.


New items and pets are also available to purchase from both the Pirate Emporium and Black Market. Players can purchase Ashen Curse pets that offer an elemental cosmetic change to the traditional pet styles. Brand new emotes, cosmetics for equipment and outfits will also be available.

Check out all the highlights in the new trailer below:

Ashen Winds is the latest monthly Sea Of Thieves update, following June’s Haunted Shores and Lost Treasures from May. Over the past year updates have included seasonal events such as Christmas and added new story content for players to pursue.

Rare recently outlined their plans to incorporate custom servers into Sea Of Thieves, ensuring communities can play together privately. The game is currently available on PC and Xbox One.


The service is currently in the testing stage, and the developer is currently working with creators to test the feature in a live environment. Certain options will be customisable such as ship numbers and types, however gold and reputation will be disabled.

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