Sega and ‘Persona’ studio Atlus will announce a “new RPG” in two weeks

Could this be a return to the Velvet Room?

A schedule for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2021 has revealed that Sega and Atlus will be revealing an all-new RPG game later this month.

As visible on the Tokyo Game Show 2021 schedule (and spotted by VGC), Sega and Atlus are scheduled to present for almost two hours together. While the official schedule lists the date as 10PM on October 1, UK fans will be able to watch the presentation live at 2PM on the same day after accounting for timezone differences.

The presentation promises “information on the latest titles of Sega and Atlas,” and further adds that they are “planning to announce “Sega’s new RPG”.


Atlus is perhaps best known as the creator of the Persona franchise, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary next Monday (September 20). Combined with the fact that Atlas has previously teased seven upcoming Persona announcements, there is a chance that fans of the RPG series will get to hear news of the next title in the series.

While Sega and Atlus are sharing the stage for this event, it’s also a possibility that the RPG is unrelated to Atlus and will be handled separately by Sega.

Yesterday (September 15), the official Atlus West Twitter account celebrated the fifth anniversary of Persona 5‘s launch in Japan by sharing a “special art piece” created by character designer Shigenori Soejima for the special occasion.

During the Olympics last month, Team GB swimmer Alice Dearing was “geeking out” after visiting a real-world location featured in Persona 5.


In other news, Deltarune Chapter 2 has been given a surprise release date. Following two years of excitement, fans will be able to get their hands on the second chapter from September 16. While platform details have not yet been confirmed, it seems likely that – like Chapter 1 – it will only be available on PC at first.