Sega confirms release date for ‘Sonic Origins’

The multi-game collection features digital remasters of the classic 2D side-scrolling titles

Sega has officially confirmed the release date of Sonic Origins, a multi-game collection that will feature digital remasters of the original Sonic The Hedgehog game and its direct sequel. The collection will also include Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD.

Sonic Origins will feature two different play modes; Classic Mode and Anniversary Mode.

Classic allows players to “experience the multi-game collection of legacy Sonic games in their retro form with classic challenges. This mode features the original game presentation and will play in the classic finite live and game over style” while Anniversary Mode “provides a full screen display and offers players an infinite number of lives to keep the fun going without any game overs.”


Sonic Origins will also feature new challenges and in-game missions which earns players medallions to unlock new content from the vault, try Special Stages, and more.

Check out the trailer below:

Due out on Sonic’s birthday (June 23) and available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch, Sonic Origins is available to pre-order now alongside a variety of bonuses.

A “Digital Deluxe” version with extra perks, including more challenging missions, special character animations, and music tracks from other Genesis titles will also be available.

Sonic Origins was first announced last year by Sega while earlier this week, the collection was rated by Korea’s Rating Agency Game Content Rating Committee.


It’s also recently been confirmed that Sega’s “open-zone” take on the franchise in Sonic Frontiers is set to release sometime in “late 2022”.

Sonic Frontiers is a huge leap forward for the franchise, delivering an evolved gameplay experience that can be enjoyed by longtime Sonic fans and action-adventure enthusiasts alike,” said Takashi Iizuka, creative officer at Sonic Team USA.

“With the effort of the talented developers at Sonic Team Japan, we’ve created an all-new style of gameplay experience for Sonic The Hedgehog, where players will be able to explore lush and expansive landscapes with Sonic’s signature speed and abilities.”

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