Sega looking to “aggressively” port games to PC, according to new report

“Going forward, we intend to aggressively promote the porting of previously launched titles”

Sega is reportedly set to “aggressively” port more of its back catalogue to Steam following the success of Persona 4: Golden.

According to a report by, the company wants to increase its production of remastering past games and bringing them to Steam, after strong video game sales in Q1 of 2020 despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In an investor Q&A translated from Japanese, Sega noted that both March and April saw a considerable increase in “repeat sales” as a result of a majority of the world being in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sales began to slow from June, however there was still an increase from 2019.


Persona 4 Golden
Persona 4 Golden. Credit: Atlus.

One of the company’s biggest titles was Persona 4: Golden – a port of the PlayStation Vita title which was release on Steam back in June. The game launched just after Persona 5: Royal on the PS4 and the combined total saw 1.2 million units sold.

Sega has stated that sales were “significantly higher than expected”, prompting a focus on porting more of its library of games to Steam.

“Going forward, we intend to aggressively promote the porting of previously launched titles to Steam and other new platforms,” Sega said. “Under such direction, we would like to take multi-platform rollout in account and prepare the PC version and others from the start.”

Sega recently saw a huge install base with A Total War Saga: Troy. The game was available to download for free within the first 24 hours on the Epic Games Store and in its first day a total of 7.5 million players claimed the title.


The company is also set to help usher in the next-generation of consoles, with Yakuza: Like A Dragon confirmed to be an Xbox Series X launch title later this year.