Sexual harassment allegations surface at SCUF Gaming

The game controller company is currently investigating the claims

Game controller company SCUF Gaming has been hit by claims of sexual harassment and abusive working conditions from former employees.

As reported in Dexerto, earlier this week (August 9), Twitter user @vivisquid posted a TwitLonger, detailing multiple claims of sexual harassment she allegedly experienced at the Georgia-based company.

While she states that she is still under an NDA obligation with the company, she wrote, “I am under no contractual obligation to keep my personal experiences with other employees a secret”, proceeding to name multiple co-workers and listing their micro-aggressions and bouts of sexual harassment against her.

“It’s been over a year and my feelings are still incredibly hurt over the entire experience,” she added. “I always voiced my experiences at work and was always painted out to be the aggressor because I had incidents with multiple people, that I looked like the problem.”

After posting the TwitLonger, Vivi continued in a thread that also highlighted that reporting incidents to HR were an issue because the office where it was located was only accessible to “high level workers” with a keycard.

Following Vivi’s claims, another former employee, who chose to remain anonymous, reached out to Dexerto via email adding that they had worked at SCUF for several years.

“During the time I was there I witnessed and experienced sexism, emotional abuse, sexual harassment, and diversity issues,” they said.

They also corroborated on Vivi’s claims about not being able to access HR without a keycard while also providing information on the alleged racism in the company.

“SCUF’s diversity is a huge issue,” they explained. “They have POC working in production who are treated like second class citizens – they can’t even go into work through the front because their keycards only work for the back half of the building (which HR is in the front, mind you). Most of the POC working in the front office and marketing left entirely.”

Shortly after Vivi posted her allegations, SCUF Gaming responded with a statement on Twitter.

“We are very concerned by a recent post from a former SCUF employee regarding an allegation of sexual harassment,” it read. “This is something we take extremely seriously and we are urgently investigating this matter to take further additional actions internally.”

The video game industry has been rocked by allegations of abusive and sexual harassment in the past few weeks, following California’s lawsuit against Activision Blizzard and reports of sexual harassment and bullying at Ubisoft Singapore.

But as Vivi highlighted at the end of her post, “It’s not just Activision-Blizzard, it happens everywhere.”