Shiro Unlimited has announced two new titles

Shiro Unlimited has revealed the first two titles it will be publishing, in the form of 'Abyssals' and 'Decarnation'

Shiro Unlimited is an indie games publisher from the Shiro Games team, and at The PC Gaming Show they have announced two new titles.

The first reveal is Abyssals, a survival city builder set in the deepest depths of an inhospitable ocean planet. Players will need to build an underwater colony whilst navigating the deepness of the waters to obtain difficult to find resources. Danger lies in the deep, and survival will prove difficult.


The animated trailer proves that players are right to fear the deepest oceans as they navigate and attempt to endure the threats and challenges it brings.

Abyssals is a survival city builder in the dark depths of an inhospitable planet. Build your underwater colony, explore where light can’t reach, and hunt for scarce resources. Expand your infrastructure and power your lamps, as danger lies in the deep, hidden in the dark,” shares the upcoming game’s Steam page.

The second announcement coming from Shiro Unlimited and Atelier QDB is Decarnation, a 2D animated adventure through the main character’s the worst nightmares, riddled with demons. This will be the first game published under the new Shiro Unlimited umbrella.

Players will be expected to solve challenging puzzles, fight disturbing and nightmarish enemies whilst exploring a phantasmagorical world of terrifying monsters from the depths of their own soul.

You play as Gloria, a Parisian cabaret dancer plagued by the thoughts from her own soul. As you progress through the game, you’ll utilise the things you learn about her life to help defeat her worst nightmares.


From a campaign reveal for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to a slew of indie games revealed at Day Of The Devs 2022, it’s been a busy week for announcements in gaming. To catch up on any trailers, announcements and surprise launches you may have missed, be sure to keep an eye on our Summer Of Games 2022 roundup.

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