Shrek’s house is in the new ‘Hunt: Showdown’ map

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A Reddit user has found Shrek’s swamp home in Hunt: Showdown’s new DeSalle map.

User zzilla8 posted the find to the r/HuntShowdown Reddit, and the swamp home certainly has a striking resemblance to the green ogre’s abode. To find it, players will need to explore the bottom left corner of Hunt: Showdown’s newest map, DeSalle.

I found Shrek’s house! from HuntShowdown


Even the outhouse from the start of the Dreamworks movie is there, just up the stairs on the left-hand side of the entrance. The Crytek game has also housed plenty of other references and easter eggs, from the house in Evil Dead all the way to the Django Unchained scene when Django escapes the prison transport.

There’s even a Nicolas Cage Easter Egg, showcasing what appears to be the actor in a cage. Shrek himself is yet to be spotted in DeSalle, if he actually resides there in-game at all.

Hunt: Showdown added DeSalle as the first map in three years recently, and it “is designed to bring you a wide range of new gameplay possibilities and experiences. It brings a new foreboding autumnal theme to the bayou.”

Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown. Credit: Crytek

The map features 16 new areas, from two urban towns, industrial zones and even a farmyard. New Miner Grunt enemies also use lights on their helmets to blind players.

The map is currently live on PC, with a larger roll out of the map coming to Xbox and PlayStation later this summer.


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