‘Sifu’ adds new difficulty options and outfit customisation

'Sifu' developer Sloclap has revealed what content fans can expect throughout 2022

The next Sifu update will bring several new difficulty options, with even more content promised for later in the year.

On Tuesday (April 26), Sifu developer Sloclap shared a roadmap detailing what updates the game will receive throughout 2022.

The first update detailed on the roadmap will add three difficulty modes – Student, Disciple and Master. These difficulty options will help players who found the game too challenging at launch, though Master mode sounds perfectly suited for anyone looking for even more intensity.


The same update will also include outfit selection and advanced training, which will likely help anyone looking to tackle Sifu at a higher difficulty.

All of this is scheduled to launch next Tuesday (May 3) and beyond Tuesday’s update, the 2022 roadmap outlines what else players can expect to see in Sifu.

Sifu. Credit: Sloclap

An update scheduled for summer will bring an advanced scoring system, as well as a list of optional gameplay modifiers that will spice up levels. Some of these modifiers include unlocking all skills, enabling bullet time, and one that means just one hit will kill players. As an added bonus, the summer update will also bring new outfits.

The autumn update will build upon the summer patch with more outfits and modifiers, as well as a replay editor.

Finally, the last update on the roadmap is due to arrive in winter and will bring a new game mode called Arenas, as well as even more modifiers and outfits.


It comes as no surprise that Sloclap is looking to continue supporting Sifu – the game sold 1million copies within a month of launching and received a strong critical reception, with NME’s Sifu review rating it five stars.

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