‘Sifu’ sells 1million copies in a month with the US and China as key markets

Challenging to play but not to sell

Sifu has sold 1million units since its launch thanks to strong sales in North America and China.

That’s according to developer Sloclap, who provided a series of statistics regarding the game. Since its launch on February 8, over 10million hours of the game have been played. It also found that more than 45 per cent of players had completed the second level of the game, with over 150,000 players able to beat Yang, the game’s main antagonist.

The challenging game has been warmly received, it seems. In a statement (via Gematsu), Sloclap executive producer, Pierre Tarno, said: “We set out to create an authentic, kung fu action game that paid homage to our favourite kung fu films.


“We’re thankful for our fans around the world but we are especially humbled by the incredible reception the game has had in China,” he adds.

As Tarno explains, “our internal metric of success was how well the game was received there and knowing that fans in China are the largest segment of our sales outside of North America […] means a lot to us”. Also, it received “positive reviews from Chinese critics”.

As games analyst Benji-Sales on Twitter explains, the sales figure is up from 500,000 players in less than a week after launch.

Recently, Sloclap announced that Sifu will be receiving a number of accessibility updates. They come after a consultation with accessibility advocate Steven Saylor. These include improvements to how players can follow the story via subtitles, and adding difficulty levels is also being considered. That’s despite Sloclap originally saying that the game won’t have difficulty options.

In NME’s review of Sifu, we called it an “early game of the year contender” and praised how smart it is at delivering “tone and atmosphere”.


In other gaming news, Deus Ex creator, Warren Spector, is working on a new “immersive simulation” game.

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